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Just Crush It: Starting Aluminum Recycling At Your Workplace

July 7th, 2012

If you are a business owner and are looking for ways to help the environment and put money back into the company aluminum recycling could be the answer. Everyone enjoys a nice cool drink during their break or lunch time and cans are always around the office.

Instead of throwing away money why not start a program to save money. Just Crush: Starting Aluminum recycling at your workplace can be fun and profitable. There are a large number of businesses going green and their main objective is to teach their employees the importance of teamwork.

With everyone working together and agreeing to do their part in supporting the aluminum recycling project there is no reason why it will not be a success. All it takes to get started is a large container large enough to hold 10 to 50 pounds of aluminum cans. The size of the container depends on how the number of pounds you are expecting on a weekly or monthly basis.

Work incentive programs are great for morale and for reaching monetary goals. The money can be used to buy additional office supplies or to raise funds for the petty cash box. Whatever the reason may be aluminum recycling is the answer; it costs nothing to get started.

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