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I Can Recycle That? New Uses For Household Trash

July 4th, 2012

With irreplaceable resources becoming more scarce, everyone should contribute at least a little for a more sustainable environment. This can be as simple as making sure that the empty cereal box goes into the recycle bin rather than the garbage.

Other than recycling, it is also helpful to focus on reusing existing household items. With a little creativity, most items that would otherwise end up in the trash can be put into good use. With a little decoration, a styrofoam cup, for example, can be used as a pencil holder. Even toilet and paper towel rolls have multiple uses. They can be used as arts and crafts supplies for children. They can be made into musical instruments, bowling ball pins, binoculars and whatever else the imagination allows.

If you have empty plastic bottles lying around, then you can transform them into a bird feeder. There are some tutorials online on how this can be done; it makes for a great activity for children.

By looking around your home, you will find plenty of items that can be improvised and be made into something else. This prevents the item from ending up in the landfill and turns a piece of garbage into a useful accessory.

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