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Pioneering Your Company’s First Recycling Program

July 3rd, 2012

Companies produce a lot of waste, much of which can be recycled. Today, most large corporations have recycling programs in place, but many smaller offices do not. In order to get a recycling program going in your office, it takes a bit of planning.

Make a decision as to what items can be recycled in your office, and make it easy for everyone in the office to participate. Place bins and separate containers out for recycling materials in convenient places. Multi-use containers work well for sorting items and come in large sizes suitable for use in cafeterias and copy rooms. For each office, there are smaller dual compartment recycling containers that can be placed near desks and in common areas.

Literature explaining the benefits and cost savings placed within easy reach will help educate fellow employees about recycling. Research facilities in the area that take in recycling materials, and arrange for a weekly drop off. Many recycling companies will pick up materials on site for a small fee. Glass, paper, aluminum, electronics, computers, ink toner from printers, light bulbs, batteries, and plastics are all items that recycling businesses will accept. Many cities offer a chance to donate recyclables for charity.

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