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Beyond The Bin: Starting A New Recycling Program

July 2nd, 2012

Recycling is the best way to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in landfills. By recycling, re-purposing and reusing items people can drastically decrease the environmental impact of trash accumulation. While many schools and communities are actively advocating recycling of products, others lag behind.

Starting a new recycling program in a community, workplace or school is rather simple. All it takes is for one person to care enough to educate others on the benefits of recycling. Then all that the organization has to do is come up with a plan to promote the process of recycling.

It is important to recognize that every little bit of recycling helps. In an office environment the employees can set up recycling boxes for non-sensitive documents and other paper trash. Not only does recycling paper save space in landfills, it also reduces energy costs because it takes more energy to create new paper than it does to recycle old paper products into new paper products.

Communities can get together to encourage recycling of household goods. A lot of cities will provide curbside pickup for recycled goods. The community can also organize yard sales and trades for gently used items.

Schools can also implement a paper recycling program. It is also important for the schools to educate youths on the importance of recycling because this teaches the children to care about the environment.

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